12 thoughts on “Flow

  1. Oooh, that’s really special! You’ve captured such distance in the land too. I especially like the way you’ve painted the muddy edges of the river with lovely, juicy texture. Did you use a palette knife?

    1. Thanks Theresa. I am quite pleased with the end result. Quite different from the painting I did on Day 1. I did use a palette knife. The textured areas were treated with Soft Moulding Paste, and Watercolour Ground.

  2. This is wonderful, you have really captured the river flowing off to the hills, very satisfying for you, Mrs A

  3. Looks like this could be a local scene where I live Vandy. Great perspective, colours, every element in fact for a beautiful piece of art

  4. Dear Vandy – this certainly is a grown up painting. I love the texture you captured. Agree more acrylics for you!! Very lovely indeed.

  5. Vandy so happy you had this great leap and creative growth~ it was so much fun painting together and i know you will just go from strength to strength from here on! Looking forward to seeing your explorations and hope you will join me again when i am next teaching in Europe! http:www.georgiamansur.com/workshops I will update the list for 2014 workshops soon ;-D

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