Five by Five: The shoes have it

Debutant (watercolour 27cm x 40cm)
Debutant (watercolour 27cm x 40cm)

So, after eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate in the first 3 days of this challenge, I’ve  reached the Day 4 milestone. Today I thought I would focus on things that make me feel different.

– Hugs. Always make me feel good. There is something wonderfully warm about being physically close to someone you love. I got a few from my family this weekend, which made the time all the more special. (Hugs from children in the family are even more special, although they do quite often involve sticky hands and smears of chocolate).

– Reading. Curling up with a good book is a great feeling. Even better if it’s accompanied by a cup of hot coffee, in a cozy place. It creates the feeling of being solitary and reflective. There’s a sense of recharging the batteries that comes with reading a good book.

– Long beaches. When we visited Australia few years ago we took a walk along a seven mile beach. It’s a memory that has stayed with me because beach walks always

– Shoes. A good pair of shoes always makes a woman feel different. If you’re into heels, then the higher the better. They can make you feel on top of the world.

– Getting comments on my blog posts. I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now. Sometimes my blogging has been a bit patchy and in the early days it felt a bit awkward because I didn’t really think I had anything to say that the wider world might want to read. Even now that I’ve been doing this for a while, comments on my blog make me smile: it’s lovely to know that my posts are read and enjoyed. Shares of my blog make my smile even wider – a reader enjoyed it enough to share it. Fantastic!

Hope you’re enjoying the Five by Five series. Only one more to go.

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4 thoughts on “Five by Five: The shoes have it

  1. What utterly gorgeous shoes Vandy.. the ultimate!! I so wish I could wear something like this… went out in some high heels (well high for me) on Saturday and had to stand in them for a short while… agony!! We only walked across the road too… nearly broke my ankle!!! I do remember having a pair which were so high only my toes were on the floor, don’t know how I did it, those were the days!!!

    1. I must confess, the height of my heels has become a little more conservative over time too, Judith. 😀 Perhaps that’s why they come out so high in my paintings. Living in the past. 😀

  2. Gorgeous painting and killer shoes. Me too – long gone the thought of even wearing heels puts a grimace on my face. So glad my new arty lifestyle goes well with flat heeled boots!

  3. Vandy – being short I do love heels and these red ones look like my kind. Looks like you love the same things as I do. Have a great day.

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