Fine Art Prints – Rhine Trees in the Mist.

Rhine Trees in the Mist (watercolour 28 x 28 cm) Fine Art Prints
Rhine Trees in the Mist

I’m taking a new leap into Fine Art Prints.

A couple of months ago I was accepted for an ArtFinder portfolio.  ArtFinder has proved an extremely productive route to selling my work. The team there do a wonderful job of marketing and promoting the artists. They really earn their commission.

Now, for the first time, I’ve taken the decision to create limited edition fine art prints. The runs will be limited to only 25 and each will be signed and numbered.  Rhine Trees in the Mist is a 50 x 50cm giclee print. I was initially concerned about the quality of the printing – but when I saw the first one, I was thrilled.

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved trees. I was never happier than when climbing to the highest branches where I could see for miles. I love a sense of scale and the possibilities in a distant view. In this painting, a sense of mystery is  added by the mistiness of the soft background. The texture in the dips between the forested ridges create tendrils of mist rising up through the branches. This painting has a feel of the Bavarian forests about it which inspired the title.

More limited edition fine art prints will be coming in the next couple of months.

Rhine Trees in the Mist is available in the following formats:

Original painting – Sold

Limited Edition Giclee Prints on ArtFinder

Greetings cards on Red Bubble and Fine Art America 

I’m currently sitting in the airport in Johannesburg waiting to board my flight home. I’ve been away from home for four weeks on a working trip (and managed to see my parents and siblings along the way, which was a lovely bonus). Now it’s time to go home. I have exhibitions to start preparing for, and a family who might want to know that I’m still around. Tomorrow I will walk into my studio again for the first time in quite a while.  I am looking forward to getting my brushes back home.

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