Exhibition weekend

Friday morning found us carting loads of paintings, ceramics and wooden boxes to the gallery and starting the process of setting up the display.

– Clear the space

– Lay out the paintings

Exhibition setup
Exhibition setup

– Sort and group,

– Re-sort and re-group,

– Hang paintings (For anyone who hasn’t done it before – this takes a long time)

– Label the paintings,

– Print final painting list,

Exhibition: Ready for the preview
Exhibition: Ready for the preview

Sort out catering, pour drinks, print last minute labels, set out leaflets and cards, (and a million other little things) get showered and dressed up.

And breathe!

Exhibition preview
Exhibition preview

Exhibitions are hard work, but when they work well, they are a lot of fun.

Our weekend in numbers:

Preview night guests: Over 100 (based on acceptances)

Outside temperature: Sub-zero

Logs burned on the stove: Many

Paintings sold: Eight

Paintings commissioned: Two (and a further possibility)

Worthwhile? Oh yes! We all had so much fun with this, and based on their feedback, so did the visitors.

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5 thoughts on “Exhibition weekend

  1. Really well done to you Vandy… having done an exhibition with 3 other artists where I had about 28 paintings on show I really understand what hard work it is… all the decisions about framing beforehand, then the framing ( I do my own as I couldn’t afford to have them all done professionally!!)as you say the hanging… the list is endless but sounds like it was worth it for you!! The key seems to be getting people who are interested and prepared to buy art to come.

  2. Well done YOU!!!! Yes, so much work….non artist folk don’t understand that being an artist is not just about painting! So happy for your sales, Vandy.

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