Exhibition stories: special visitors

Exhibitions are about connecting with people, and about visitors being able to connect with your art.

Last weekend I took part in the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists popup exhibition just outside Cambridge. It’s always a very social event. Despite pretty intense heat on Saturday, this weekend was no different. We had delightful visitors.

One of my favourite exhibition stories was reported by my friend and fellow artist, Stephie Butler:

She was approached by a little boy who said, “Do you work here?”, followed by “Can I buy something?”  It turned out that he wanted to buy a card. Stephie asked who the card was for.
“My mum”, came the reply.
“What does your mum like?” Stephie asked.
“She likes Lands.” said the little chap. And so, he duly purchased a card with ‘Lands’ for his mum. I am deeply honoured that he chose one of my Lands to gift his mum.

Exhibition Stories. Tregardock red was chosen as a gift for a little boy's mum
Tregardock Red. Watercolour, ink and oil pastel.

Social media connections

I was so pleased to have a visit from someone who found my social media feed through a mutual friend and who came to purchase one of my paintings. (Thank you Emma.) One of my favourite types of exhibition visits is meeting someone who enjoys your Instagram or Facebook feed.  Anyone who uses social media to share their story knows that far from being easy, it is relentless hard work creating copy to fill the feed – although enjoyable at the same time. Being able to have a real-world conversation with a social media friend always makes my day. If you get the chance to go and say hello to someone whose feed you follow – I would say yes! Do it.

A couple who had bought one of my paintings at Foxton Art last year came past and stopped for a chat. They recognised my style and came over to say hello. They love rainforests as much as I do and the painting they bought makes them think of their own rainforest visits whenever they see it. How those sort of exhibition stories warm my heart.

And somethings there are pre exhibition stories

These little chaps came waddling over while we were setting up. They may have been everybody’s favourite visitors of all.