Exhibition Review – the RI at The Mall Galleries


With David Poxon at the RI exhibition, Mall Galleries
With David Poxon at the RI exhibition, Mall Galleries

A year after we met online via blog and Facebook, I finally got to say hello in person to David Poxon. David very kindly sent me an invitation to the preview of the exhibition.

This show is really inspiring. The standard of work seems to me to be higher than in previous years and there are some memorable pieces on show from members and aspiring members:

Shirley Trevenna has a number of paintings on exhibit.  Her unmistakeable markmaking and colour use make her works attention-grabbing from across the room. There’s something about Shirley’s relaxed style which seems to infect people looking at them.  Standing in front of a group of four of them, I found myself drawn into a discussion with a gentleman standing next to me who turned to me and asked, “So which one is your favourite.” We differed in our favourite of the group, but agreed that they were all exceptional. I was quietly smug to see that the one I had pointed out was in fact the catalogue illustration choice of Shirley’s paintings.

I was pleased to see two sketches by George Butler in the exhibition. I discovered George’s website some time ago. This young artist has the ability to capture the essence of a place and his sketches from conflict areas in the world are remarkable. Have a look at his series on the Syrian conflict if you want to get a real feel for the place.

Ann Blockley is one of a few artists under consideration for membership this year. As usual, her Foxgloves and teasels have wonderful depth and texture. Ann is another artists whose style is unmistakable.

David’s four paintings (two of which can be seen – just- in this photograph) won the Windsor & Newton award for the group of paintings by a member which are judged to be the most outstanding contribution to the exhibition.

Inevitably, there were some paintings on show that just didn’t do it for me. Some were too stiff, and a few just made me wonder what the artist was thinking. But I prefer to highlight the works I found inspiring. Those I really enjoyed seeing. Naturally, these are a just a few of the many artists whose exceptional works will be on show at The Mall Galleries.

This exhibition is on until April 18th and is a must-see if you can get to London in the next 2 weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Exhibition Review – the RI at The Mall Galleries

  1. How marvellous that you have been to the opening and how jealous am I because I cannot get to see the show. Shirley and Ann are two favourites of mine.

    1. It was an excellent show, Lorraine. I only wish I’d had a bit more time to see it so I could have written about more artists.

  2. Hi Vandy. So sorry I’ve been missing in action. Got super sick in the earliest hour of Tuesday and am still not up to par on Friday. I did review your posts I’ve missed and I have to say that I sure do love the cat painting. It really is beautiful, in my opinion. Loved hearing about your thoughts of the exhibition too.

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I do hope you feel much better soon. I’m very pleased my little cat sketch raised your spirits a bit in the meantime. 🙂

  3. hi vandy just enjoyed reading your review ! …lovely shot of you with david at the preview …hope you had a good time in america.

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