Exhibiting at Beales

Exhibiting at Beales
Exhibiting at Beales

The Saffron Walden Art Society and Beales department store have come up with a lovely partnership which is great for customers and for members of the art society.

Every month a new artist, or group of artists get to exhibit their work in the restaurant on the third floor at Beales. The full display needs about 20 paintings if it’s not going to look a bit thin, and I wasn’t quite sure which paintings would work best in the space. So having travelled down to Glastonbury to collect the paintings that were on exhibition there, I had a full complement back home and we loaded the car with the lot.

We were quite grateful for the little elevator up to the restaurant which was just big enough to squeeze in two of us with my painting bags and proceeded upwards at a stately pace. Under normal circumstances I’m all in favour of getting the exercise of walking up stairs, but with 5 loads of paintings to carry, we took the easy route.

Twenty paintings exactly were hung in the lovely bright space. I hope the patrons of Beales restaurant enjoy looking at the collection until the end of the month.

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  1. that’s a great initiative vandy for all the members of the society …wishing you every success with your beautiful collection .

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