Eastern Influence

Travel broadens your perspective on the world. The effect often subtle, but we absorb information subliminally and it sometimes appears later in unexpected ways.

Facing East (watercolour painting)
Facing East (watercolour WIP – 46 x 51cm)

This painting was sitting on my easel some weeks ago. Since then I’ve been to Japan and travelled across the countryside there.  I saw how much of the country has a mountainous outlook. I also visited art galleries and saw Japanese paintings. There’s a great energy in the cities, but a calm stillness in the countryside.

I’ve almost completed the painting now – it’s waiting for a bit more detail before its completely done. And I can see the influence of my visit to Japan in the work I’ve done on it since being there.

Travel broadens your perspective – it also stretches you as an artist if you let it.

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6 thoughts on “Eastern Influence

  1. Lovely piece Vandy. I can certainly see the influences here from your travels. I too take lots of inspiration from my travels but also from what I have around me too. That connection seems to make the art “truer and more real” for me and hence more feeling is injected into it perhaps. I do also know this isn’t the case for each artist as we are all different with our approach.

    1. Hello Laura. Your paintings definitely reflect your environment. I love seeing the garden and country scenes you paint. They always have a gentleness about them that is so appealing.

      Glad you like this one.

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