Day 5: Sunshine on the Field

In the past month I’ve come across two professional artists who unrepentantly paint a wide variety of subjects, mediums and styles. This discovery was music to my ears. I love the exploration of the new: new ideas, new materials, new subject matter, new styles of painting.

Sunshine on the Field (watercolour 16 x 35 cm) Artist: Vandy Massey
Sunshine on the Field (watercolour 16 x 35 cm)

Recently I’ve noticed some of my paintings have more than one style of painting within the same work. This one is an example of that. The background of this painting is quite tightly painted with hard edges on the sunlit trees on the horizon across the field, and the lines of their shadows on the field clearly marked. As we get closer to the foreground, the paint gets looser and looser, ending in the loose red poppies in the foreground.  There was a danger that this painting would end up with two conflicting focal points.  But the splashes of red poppies that progress across the field solve that potential problem. They lead the viewer’s on a journey through the field to the dark shadows under the trees, and then back down to the foreground to revel in the luscious paint of the red poppy blooms.

This is painting 5 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days.

7 thoughts on “Day 5: Sunshine on the Field

  1. This is lovely Vandy – I find that I paint with two styles within the same painting, sometimes tighter sometimes looser and worry sometimes that I’m being inconsistent – thank you for showing me that it is ok to do !

    1. I’ve always been a rule-breaker, Sharon. Also, as I’ve had no formal training I tend to paint on instinct a lot so if it feels right, I do it. 🙂

  2. This is great Vandy. I’m one of the unrepentant Artists. I’ve been reading about famous creatives that broke categorization and stuffiness in the Art world and came out into the sun. They still made it big. Lets face it, the impressionists all did it and their work keeps getting more popular. Look at Matisse and Degas! The problem is that the pencil pushers don’t know where to place us. Wait till I roll out my plans for 2014 Whooo Hooooooo!

    As for your painting, I love it. Not all of it fits on my screen at once, and it occurred to me that it would make a great vertical diptych. Each is a lovely painting in it’s own right, but together, Wow!

  3. Good on you Vandy for going for what you want. It certainly does inhibit creativity when we worry where our style fits. This is a nice painting and I view it that way and not on a deep level. If it appeals, it appeals I am not concerned with any stuffy rules!

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