Day 3: 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Love Tokens (watercolour and acrylic ink 9 x 13 cm) Artist: Vandy Massey
Love Tokens (watercolour and acrylic ink 9 x 13 cm)

Day 3 of 30: Love Tokens.

An under-wash of watercolour, washed back to bring out the texture of the paper, and followed up with a applications of acrylic ink. The ink has a glorious way of diffusing in little fractal shapes when sprayed with water while still wet. You do have to be careful not to apply too much water or you just end up with a flood. You also have to apply each ink colour separately where you don’t want the colours to merge. In this instance, a layer of red was applied to the blossoms first. Then when that was dry, the blue ink was added. Finally, when the blue was dry, a wash of yellow ink was added, and while that was wet, the red was intensified in some areas, allowing the two colours to meld.



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