Dawn Blush (21 of 30)

Dawn Blush (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)
Dawn Blush (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)

My 21st painting of 30, done on Day 28. Tomorrow is my last painting day for September as I have a business trip on Monday. We’ll see whether I manage to catch up enough tomorrow – I have a few paintings half completed on my easel so it’s still a possibility.

Sometimes, time pressure becomes a catalyst for working differently. In this case, I started looking around my studio for early washes which would provide inspiration or a base for a painting. My 100 Wash Challenge days got me into the habit of doing washes and leaving them unfinished for a future painting session. ¬†Although I don’t do that as often as I did when I was doing the challenge, I still have a reasonable collection. They’re a great way of kick starting a painting session, and creating them is a lovely ending to a painting day. There’s the pleasure of watching a simple layer of watercolours develop on the paper, and the tantalising sense of possibility in the wash waiting to become a painting.

Here’s the collection of Day 27 paintings on Leslie’s website. Dawn Blush will be available on Running With Brushes..

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