There’s creative value in getting organised

There’s a perception that an artist’s studio will be a mess, but for many artists there’s real value  in getting organised.

It seems counter-intuitive to slow down in order to speed up.  But that may actually be well worth a try. Getting organised and sorting through the piles of half completed painting, art materials and references does take time. But it also creates far greater clarity – and then time to reflect on the really important stuff.

I find that I go through periods of just painting and allowing the untidiness to build up because I don’t want to stop creating. But eventually I reach a point where I absolutely have to stop and get sorted out. It’s almost as if the build up of chaos is like ballast that increasingly creates drag. At some point it the clutter feels so unwieldy that my creativity starts getting stifled and my painting rate slows down. That’s when I absolutely have to stop and take stock.

Clutter creates drag. Getting organised makes painting easier

The benefits of getting organised

  • Discard whatever you’re not going to use. I’m pretty sure all of us creatives collect things we think are going to be super-useful. After a year of taking up studio space without being used, will it really be useful?  I’ll guarantee that really useful receptacle/tool/surface will never be used, and won’t be missed either.
  • Get greener – this is a great opportunity to think about how you are re-using/recycling, what materials and containers you use, how green your studio really us
  • It makes headspace. Somehow the process of getting organised is quite liberating. It seems to free up thinking space.

Getting organised aids creativity

Resist the urge to just keep your head down and plough on when the clutter starts to bog you down. I find its  a lot better to pause for reflection and reorganise my studio.