I’ve always thought brightly coloured iPhone covers were in the domain of the young. My phone is a tool, not an accessory. I suspect that’s a generational thing.

I’m not quite so convinced now – I may even be a convert.

iPhone cover with Red Shoe design
iPhone cover with Girls’ Best Friend design

I put my Girls’ Best Friend image up on an iPhone cover on because I thought the image could work quite well in that context. I have to say – it took ages to get it right. Getting the size right to fit the template required some manipulation of the image. Balancing the position of the image so that the lens gap didn’t take out too much was also a bit of a fiddle. But it got done and the first cover finally arrived yesterday.

And I think I am now converted. I rather love my phone.

PS. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post – there’s a little painting up for grabs

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2 thoughts on “Converted

    1. Thank you, Judith. No sales yet, but I gather it takes a while. To be honest, I did it mainly because I wanted one myself, and it certainly gets positive comments. People seem to love it.

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