Enterprising Women

June 2008: Yesterday I had the privilege of talking at the Enterprising Women 2nd anniversary lunch. It was amazing to have the chance to talk to almost 180 women entrepreneurs. An inspiring experience.

There was consensus that one of the most motivating elements of hearing other people’s stories is the realisation that, even though you’re going it alone, others are having the same experiences. There’s a normalising effect in that.

Enterprising women – 2019 update:

Enterprising women - find your tribe

My blog was started long before I started painting. It was a way of tracking my thoughts as I grew my business. Now that its become a record of my painting, I am going back in time to re-focus. I am surprised at the number of posts that parallel my current experiences in the creative part of my life. But perhaps that’s not too surprising.

As an artist, a lot of your efforts are solo. Almost every aspect of your art and your sales are a result of you working it out on your own.  Hearing other artists’ stories and being able to learn from them makes it all so much easier. In the art world, its less about listen to formal talks like the one I did for the Enterprising Women group in 2008. Instead, it’s more about finding a group of other artists you can talk to.

Find your tribe

Not everyone is community-minded, even in the creative world. It takes bravery and generosity to share your knowledge in a competitive environment.  The trick is to make sure you connect with those who share knowledge and celebrate your success.