Blue Stairs – drawing you in to explore

This image of blue stairs viewed through the open doorway has been on my mind since last year. It’s been waiting on my laptop to be painted.

Blue stairs (watercolour 12 x 17 cm)
Blue stairs (watercolour 12 x 17 cm)

During the research phase of my work on White Light, Blue City, I spent time talking to people who had visited Morocco. As it happened, my son, Christopher and his fiancé, Helen had been on holiday to Chefchaouen, the blue city. Christopher had his camera with him and while walking through the city with a guide, he noticed the interior of a home as they walked past. He paused for a second and took a quick snap to capture the clear light streaming into the interior of the house. A copy of his photo landed up in my collection of reference photos of the city.

The appeal of the blue stairs

I love the layers in this image, starting with the slightly off -square walls, and the light streaming into the middle of the house. The room beyond with the red cupboard on the wall draws the eye. I imagine that to be a kitchen for some reason (although that’s probably simply my perception that a cupboard on a wall is likely to be a kitchen cupboard. Why? No idea.)

The stairways is in deep shadow, boxed in by the supporting wall, and above the top step, just visible, is the light falling on the landing at the top of the stairs leading to even more blue rooms.

The photograph Christopher took in Chefchaouen always makes me want to step inside and explore. I just know there will be some fascinating spaces round the corner and beyond the top of the blue stairs.

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