The most interesting paintings to execute are those which attempt to express an intangible concept. There’s a sense of real anticipation at the point of starting a new painting – even when its a concept I’ve tackled before.

My original Four Seasons painting is turning into a series. The first version sold at the Foxton exhibition last year. A second one was requested and when it was recently hung in it’s new home, a new one was requested by visitors. The challenge now becomes painting the concept in a similar style, but with an element of evolution.

The beauty of the Four Season paintings is that they develop in surprising ways. Four Seasons 2  was more textured than it’s predecessor. This weekend Four Seasons 3 was started.

Four Seasons reprise (watercolour work in progress)
Four Seasons reprise (watercolour work in progress)

Here the first section of the painting – these ones always start from the centre and work outwards.

Four seasons reprise 2 (watercolour work in progress)
Four seasons reprise 2 (watercolour work in progress)

Then unexpectedly, green shoots appeared during the second wash. These weren’t part of my initial ideas about this painting, nor did they appear in either of the first two versions. There’s still a long way to go on this picture and as this is just the beginning, I’m sure it will deliver a few more surprises along the way.

New website development:

I’ve developed what was a general Links page into one dedicated to listing artists whose work I admire.  New additions to the page are Sue Rapley whose works in oils and watercolours are vibrant and filled with colour and energy, and brazilian illustrator Simone Matias.

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  1. Vandy,
    Have very much enjoyed reading your blog about Beginnings and the Four Seasons paintings. Thanks also for including me and link to my website on your artists page. Really appreciate your sharing interest!
    There is an exhibition coming up that you may be interested to submit for. It’s at Cottenham Village College Sixth Form Centre. It’s a fantastic new exhibition space @theatrium. Here’s the link:
    Hope to catch up soon.

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