Artist’s Statement

Painting is Silent Poetry – Simonides 465 BC

Like poetry, every painting has a story. And the purely visual element of painting means that the story is subtly different for every viewer.
I find it thrilling when a picture demands attention. Watching images emerge on the paper is something I find captivating. This is the aspect of watercolour I find the most enthralling, and the reason I am drawn to it’s freedom and flow.

I grew up in South Africa, a place that still influences my painting in discernable ways. I am fascinated by pictures that capture light, and I am drawn to strong colours. My landscapes evoke feelings of space and often include an element of scale. Floral and abstract paintings in my portfolio have an energy which comes from their vibrant colours, and way the pigments blend on the paper.

I aim to do one or two workshops every year if I can, but aside from those, I am largely self-taught.

Commissions are possible, provided there is no tight deadline. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss a commission or would like to purchase any of my paintings.

My paintings are part of private collections in France, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kindom and the United States.

I am a member of the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists. I take part in Cambridge Open Studios and from time to time I hold an independent Open Studios. Please sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be invited to my Open Studios.


In the News:

Cambridge Journal - March 2013



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