Just Me

I became an artist almost by chance. My love of painting came as a complete surprise at a time when I had already established a career which involves analytical thinking and data processing. My development as an artist creates balance in my life. The artist enhances the analyst. I have never stopped being involved in the businessworld: my business life and my art fit together.


My website is mainly about my art, but if you’re interested in any other aspects of my life, you could read about them out in various other places, starting here.


The Artist

I work predominately in watercolour because the freedom of the medium fascinates me.
I take part in exhibitions and open studios every year. Limited edition fine art prints are available from my Artfinder portfolio. Greeting cards can be bought from Red Bubble and Fine Art America. Mobile phone cases can be found on Red Bubble. I exhibit a few times a year: details on the Exhibition page of this website.


The Businesswoman

I am the founder and director of Engauge. The best way to find out more about my working life is to look at my LinkedIn profile, or if you want the short version, read the summary page here.


The Wife/Mother/Daughter/Sister

My husband runs the business with me, and in his spare time is a talented photographer. His photos have provided many fantastic subjects and references for my paintings.

I am the daughter of an engineer and a newspaper editor. Both of my parents are passionate about what they do and are still contributing to their chosen professions in their late seventies.


I am inordinately proud of my two sons, Nicholas and Christopher (who take every opportunity to catch me by surprise).


Lori (the artist) sketching in the garden
Lori sketching in the garden
And a sister who’s artistic talent inspired me to try my hand at painting. I love nothing more than to share painting time with her on the rare occasions that we get to spend holiday time together.


The Causes

I believe strongly that we should give something back where we can. I support two charities on a regular basis:
– Care for Casualties which (along with many other wonderful artists) I support through the Running With Brushes project.
Starfish Greathearts Foundation to which I donate a proportion of profits from my paintings.



  • I have always been fiercely independent and left home to make my way in the world at the tender age of 17.
  • I studied Accounting, Information Management and Industrial Psychology at University.
  • The first creative medium I worked in was clay and I’m still a sucker for a lovely piece of ceramic work.
  • Despite appearances, I’m an introvert. I am very happy spending time alone.
  • My name often confuses people. It is a real name and it’s not an abbreviation. It comes from the short story by Manly Wade Wellman. The song from the story (Vandy Vandy) is better known than the story itself.