Advent Day Artist Day 24

Christmas Cockerel (watercolour 5 x 4 inches) Artist: Vandy Massey
Christmas Cockerel (watercolour 5 x 4 inches)

In our house, when we the boys were young, we had early wake up calls every Christmas morning so that present unwrapping could start as soon as possible. These days, we have the luxury of a late start and an even later lunch since the present sessions can be done at a less urgent pace now. But for those who still have an early start on Christmas morning, here’s the Advent give away cockerel who is bound to crow at daybreak.

Advent Day Artist Day 24

Today’s advent artist is Marc Massey. Marc’s photographs have always provided great reference material. He’s going to be running photography workshops at The Old School Studio in the new year. On top of all that, Marc does all the mounting of the Running With Brushes paintings and my paintings. We’ve passed the 300 painting mark and every single one of them has been mounted and packaged by Marc.

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  1. I’ve always been the early riser on Christmas morning, both as a child and as an adult. My kids never were that excited and preferred to sleep in. Can you imagine? The rooster is perfect with the most gorgeous feathers!! And I’ve seen Marc’s packaging work first hand and he does indeed do a beautiful job. Off to see his photography!

    1. There’s not much on his website yet – but I’m working on him 😀 He does tend to hide his light. There will be more to see there by the end of the year, but I couldn’t hold off the Advent day until it was done. 😀

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