Advent Artist Day 17

Cardinals' Sin (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)  Artist: Vandy Massey
Cardinals’ Sin (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)

This one is a bit of fun. I saw a picture of choir boys ice skating and my initial thought was that their cassocks made wonderful shapes as they moved. You can almost see the speed of the air blowing through them as they skate. Then, for some reason, the image of a bunch of cardinals skating popped into my head. Made me laugh – and had to be painted. This is today’s Advent give away.

Advent Artist Day 17:

Another photographer today: Lukas Renlund. I love his Steal my Photograph project. It’s kinda like the advent give away – but a lot more hard work by the look of it. Check it out – and have a look at his Facebook page while you’re at it.

4 thoughts on “Advent Artist Day 17

  1. this one made me laugh too vandy ! some beautiful work loved the skates….8 more days left ! … i admire your wonderful advent challenge and spirit vandy …so sorry you lost your dear friend ….wishing you and your family a verry happy christmas ….look forward to following your 30 paintings in the new year .

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