Advent Artist Day 9

Piles of Pines (watercolour 4 x 6 inches)

Christmas trees in the wild always appeal to me. I love the sense of remoteness and silence of a forest of pines. This painting isn’t about the detail. It’s all about the feeling of cold, snow, ice and cold. The kind of cold that’s icy but beautiful. This is the December give away for Day 9

Advent Artist for Day 9

Stephie Butler paints wonderful delicate watercolour portraits. I’ve followed Stephie’s work on Facebook as well as her website. She’s also made a YouTube video of one of her portraits being painted. My regular readers will know that I’m working towards painting portraits when I’m feeling braver.  I would love to be able to paint portraits like Stephie’s.

3 thoughts on “Advent Artist Day 9

  1. I think this is one of my most favorites pieces yet, Vandy. It is stunning, truly. I so love trees and forests and Christmas. This brings all of those things together beautifully.

  2. I really love this Vandy, nicely done. I just discovered Stephie yesterday, and I love her style. I so want to learn to paint like that, loose and free. I would like to do portraits also. I am taking this class, and it is $20, you may be interested too. ( if you think you will sign up for it, will you let me refer you? I would get $10 credit to use towards another class.) Either way, check it out. she also has some videos on Youtube. You would like thos too. Look forward to seeing more of your work 🙂

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