Advent Artist Day 10

Twiggy Star (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)
Twiggy Star (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)

We’ve had a new front door put in earlier this year. We pretty much had to, as the wood in the old one was splitting and there was a howling gale coming through the gap. The new door has a glass top half which lets the sunlight stream in during the day, and at night, a lovely light glow from the lights inside.  When I was doing the Christmas Fair at the end of November, I noticed some very different door decorations that appealed. I remember my mother making our Christmas wreath for the front door every year when I was a child, but I’m afraid I’m not that accomplished so we’ve just done without, or in some years I’ve bought a fresh one.

These, I found irresistible so I went ahead and bought one which is now adorning the front door. The glass top half makes it very easy to display while protecting it from the weather – so I guess we may have this one for a number of years to come.  Naturally, I had to paint it for the Advent give aways.

Advent Artist for Day 10:

Just has to be the person who created the charming subject for this painting.  Helen at Verdilla Flowers creates arrangements for weddings and special occasions, and she passes on her knowledge in one to one and workshops.

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  1. Vandy – lovely watercolor…makes a beautiful decoration for the door. Sounds like you are getting ready for Christmas. Have a lovely day.

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