Advent 10 – It’s Christmas everywhere

Watercolour - Africa
Africa! (watercolour and ink 17 x 13 cm)

I needed to let rip with some serious colour so used watercolour and ink, brushes, fingers ‘breath under pressure’ (in other words: blowing) to move the pigment around. Working on an idea for a series and got a bit tired of Christmas images. Traditional advent images will resume tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Advent 10 – It’s Christmas everywhere

    1. Hi Rhonda, It gets harder to find new subjects for the advent calendar as I progress, so I suspect there may be more images that don’t involve greens and reds. But it is making me pick up my brushes more often than I usually manager. Thanks for the encouragement.

  1. Dear Vandy – so nice to meet you – took time to read all your Advent posts and look at your lovely art. Came across you from Rhonda at Watercolor and Words. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Lovely to meet you too, Deborah. Thanks for coming over from Rhonda’s site to say hello. I’ve just had a look at your blog and love your cardinals. Great tips for techniques too. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sherry. Thanks for saying hello. So pleased you like my paintings. I’ve just found your blog and I’m looking forward to exploring it.

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