Where’s the cut?

Sometimes a painting just seems to appear out of a bit of doodling with colour. Quite often my painting time is at the end of a long day, or on a Sunday afternoon when everything else has been done. With so little time to paint, the careful planning, thumbnail sketches and preparation work sometimes feel too much like hard work. I just want to start getting the colour down on paper!

The temptation is to just dive straight in and in those cases, I think some of the art is in seeing where the real pictures is on the piece of paper. This is where technology is such a boon.

Here’s last night’s effort. I rather like the texture and the bold colours. I’m not thrilled about the balance on the picture though. The mid-page horizon line feels wrong. 

So I tried two crops on the digital image:

Predominantly foreground:

Or go big on the sky:

So far, the balance of opinion is tipping towards the latter.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the cut?

  1. Vandy, I really like the top crop….but it could go either way. It would interesting if you made a series of these with the same crop and composition….. switching colour combinations around. Different colours would create different drama effects. I think painting and seeing ‘into’ your paintings is very creative and I work this way quite often, although it is important to sketch thumbnails and work from those also. Combining ways of working is an important part of finding your creative self… and what works for one artist, may not work for another. I also think it has a lot to do with the amount of experience one has and different skill levels require different ways of working.

  2. Using different colour combinations is a great idea. Thanks Maggie. It feels like the flip side of my trials with different papers. Less about the way the paint and paper react together, and more about creating an atmosphere this time.

    Will definitely have a go at that.

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