30 Day Painting Challenge

I’ve made it to the end of another painting challenge and here’s the collection of works. Now for the big question – Why do we do it to ourselves?

Every time I take on one of these I reach a point somewhere along the way where I ask myself that question. It doesn’t seem particularly sane. But I do know the answer: I do it because it makes me paint more. It’s very easy at the end of a working day to just sit passively in front of the TV – that’s always a temptation. But if I’m working towards a goal, I will get into the studio for an hour or two before I slow down for the evening. It’s as simple as that.

A painting challenge just like any other training, is an opportunity to practice and improve. It’s really no different to the marathon runner who puts their running shoes on every evening and gets on the road for a training session, or a cyclist who pedals along tarmac for an hour a day. It’s just exercising a different set of muscles – the creative ones in this case. (I’m sure we do have creative muscles – if not literally, then at least figuratively.)

Here’s a brief breakdown of the painting challenge works:

20 paintings donated to Running With Brushes

1 birthday gift

5 in my collection available for sale

1 commission

1 personal challenge (no prizes for guessing which one that was)


Getting some perspective - a painting challenge (watercolour 38 x 28 cm)
Getting some perspective (watercolour (38 x 28 cm)

6 thoughts on “30 Day Painting Challenge

  1. well done vandy on 30 /30 great start to the year ! ….spray and snow surfing are my favorites vandy

  2. Congratulations! I’m not sure why we do these challenges – perhaps it’s the comraderie of doing it with a bunch, and it’s good to push ourselves at times. You’ve got some lovely paintings from it!

    1. Thank Rhonda. I know what you mean about the challenges being a way of pushing ourselves. Despite the ‘why am I doing this?’ moment, I do know that this is the way to improve my brushwork. Practice, practice, practice. And the joy of art is that there’s always so much to explore.

  3. Vandy these are all so wonderful! I did not realize how behind I am in visiting sites… I know I have missed commenting on a lot of yours. But I will catch up this weekend. Love love love them all! Congrats on finishing, loved reading your post!

    1. Thanks Sheila. It does take a lot of time following so many blogs. But I always find it inspiring to see what other artist are doing. Well done on completing the challenge too.

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