Spring brambles

Painting greens without using green paint again, the bright spring growth and shadows in the ridges of bramble leaves emerging in the warmth were a great subject for a couple of quick sketches.

Spring Brambles watercolour sketch
Spring Bramble leaf watercolour sketch

Taking a break on a walk through Hatfield Forest, I noticed the rich dark red rims on the edges of the bramble leaves. It struck me that there’s a significant difference in tone between the bright reds of autumn, and the dark red rims and veins in emerging growth of springtime. Autumn colours seem to blaze with resistance to the passing of the warm weather.  Red tones in spring are dark and deep, showing the intensity of the growing period just started.

The first little study of three leaves was done in my sketchbook.

Spring Brambles 2 (watercolour sketch)
Spring Brambles 2 (watercolour sketch)

New shoots burst forth, bright green from last year’s darker growth, speeding upwards towards the sunlight with the vigour and energy of spring.  My second sketch depicted the the strength, speed and flexibility of the newly sprouted branch, running obliquely from old-established sections of the plant.

There is such promise in the fields and hedgerows at this time of year.

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