Running With Brushes

Running With Brushes is a very personal charity project I launched in July 2013. It started as a slightly off-the-wall idea that if I could paint and sell 1000 postcard size paintings, Care for Casualties might make as much as £10,000. A few conversations later and somehow the number 1000 didn’t seem so huge and I jumped in and launched the project. (Care for Casualties is my chosen charity because my son is in the Rifles Regiment.)

Only then did I realise just how enormous a task I have set for myself. My very insightful sister produced this banner image for the project and it really does capture the essence of it.

Running with Brushes banner by
Running with Brushes banner by

The response to the project has been wonderful. Paintings started selling within the first week of launching and I’ve had contact from other artists who have offered to paint for the project too. In the most incredible way, this has become an international project. So far paintings are coming from artists in the UK, the Philipines and the USA. And paintings have been bought by people from the UK, France and South Africa.

So – Go Buy A Painting – they’re only £15.

Update: Since I launched this project I have been overwhelmed by the support from fellow artists around the world. There are now works from 11 artists available on the site, and the paintings completed reached the first 100 by the end of the first week in September. You can see the numbers as at the end of last month on the Running With Brushes stats tag

And if you want to read a bit more about the project, here are a few blog posts on the subject:

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Bloggers sharing the love

If you’re a blogger and you’ve written about Running With Brushes, please drop me a line and I’ll add a link to this page.

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