Can you hold a world in the palm of your hand?

The FreeMe Wildlife rehabilitation centre rescues wild animals that have wandered (or been brought) into the urban sprawl of Johannesburg. Increasingly, the burgeoning housing developments in cities all over the world is creating a problem – reducing habitat for wildlife. FreeMe does a great job of housing, feeding and healing animals that otherwise might not survive in the alien environment of the concrete and fences.

The organisation is staffed in part by volunteers.  This week, my sister and her children, who are FreeMe supporters, gave sanctuary to ‘Meatball’, the Leopard Tortoise. Once found, his presence at home was a little fraught because they also have a number of large dogs who might consider him a tasty morsel.

Here’s why:


Its hard to imagine a tortoise could be that small


But definitely not one of your 5-a-day! – despite his size.


In “Terry Pratchett’s eyes, could this be considered ‘having the world in the palm of your hand’?


(OK – very small world, but still.)

So it was FreeMe to the rescue – and Meatball is no longer at risk of becoming a canine appetiser.

Oh, and I guess FreeMe might quite need some cash to feed all these animals – so if you fancy making a donation I’m sure they would be pleased.

Photo Credits: Lori